Lobbying Rules at the Federal and/or State Level

Issue 2

Issue 2 – Why This is Not a Good Proposition for Ohio
Issue 2  is slated for a vote on the November 2017 ballot. … Read More

2nd Ohio Pharmacy Advocacy Forum

Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy, Ohio Colleges of Pharmacy
and Council for Ohio Health Care Advocacy
In colla… Read More

Pharmacist Immunization Bill clears the House Health and Aging Committee

HB 394 that would allow pharmacists and pharmacy interns to administer vaccinations to patients older than age 7, h… Read More

REMINDER: Advanced Practice Nurse Certificate to Prescribe Holders

This is a friendly reminder for all Advanced Practice Nurse Certificate to Prescribe Holders:

As an APRN with a … Read More

Advocacy in Practice

Advocacy in Practice
www.tnpj.com The Nurse Practitioner • December 2010 9

By Margaret Clark Graham, PhD, P… Read More


“Lobbying” derives from the 1800s, and the lobbies of political buildlings where stakeholders to poli… Read More

How to Contact Your Legislator

How to Contact Your Legislator
Jeri A. Milstead, PhD, RN, FAAN It is crucial that health care professionals know … Read More


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